Kulpahar Kids Home-School


Dolly Chitwood and Leah Moshier, founders of Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School, never ‘dreamed’ the work would grow to the size it is today!  The Kids Home began with one very small, very sick baby who was given to Dolly & Leah in 1947.  By 1989, Dolly, Leah & Linda had become the only mothers 800 such babies/toddlers ever knew.  The 28 residences on the mission’s 32 acres of land,  now house some of these 800 grown kids who have children of their own.  Also located on this acreage is a small dispensary with a lab, 2 generators, the school and fields for growing fruits and vegetables for our present hostel  boarders.  At present, we have 94 hostel boarders (71 girls and 23 boys), who pay no fees.  They come from very poor Christian families.  A few of our original 800 kids are still with us, having lived here since childhood.  Six of them were recently married.  We also have several who will remain here indefinitely, due to mental challenges.  So…For the Sake of a Child…we are continuing to take in boarders as these poor Indian families would otherwise, never be able to provide an education for their child .

With GOD’s HELP and your prayers and financial support, we are building lives today for better INDIAN CITIZENS for tomorrow!  With that said, WE ARE PROUD TO SAY, WE ARE STILL IN THE “KID BUSINESS”!  It is indeed true, “history” is being written with God’s Hand and His imprint is being sung, preached and lived throughout India…  Not only with these kids, but as our own kids spread GOD’S LOVE all over India!  AND NOW THESE BOARDING KIDS RETURN HOME WITH A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF CHRIST and they too, are building this HISTORY as well!!!!

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