Kulpahar Kids Home-School

Kids Hostel Life




KIDS HOSTEL LIFE – all of our Boarding Students have a very different life here at Kulpahar…than they do at home!  We have in the last couple of years and still are getting children of 1st generation convert’s as well as children who have father’s who are itinerant preachers and barely make enough to feed the family. Last year we also had one boarding boy who had witnessed his family being beaten for trying to get water for their home from a water tanker…because they were Christian.  We have another boarding student whose older sister was sold into the sex-trade business by her own father …both are Christian…(domestic problems).  So thanks to OUR WONDERFUL LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST – i.e. churches and individuals in the U.S. we are still very much in the business of helping KIDS FOR CHRIST!!! AND WE NEED TO REMEMBER ”KIDS” ARE THE HOPE OF TODAY AND TOMORROW!

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