Kulpahar Kids Home-School


Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School is operated and governed by the Kulpahar Church of Christ Mission, through the Board of Trustees. The Mission is managed by the General Manager Mr. N.K. Bardhan; the Chairmen of the Society and the CEO, Ms. Linda M. Stanton and the Society’s Secretory/Treasurer and Manager of the School Ms. Sharon A. Cunningham. Our Indian board is very active and not only the day-to-day activities as well as the planning for the future of the Mission. We are also blessed and  fortunate to have an active and supportive Board in the U.S. Most of them have visited Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School in previous year… and they are in contact with us and members of our board here! THE FUTURE PLAN IS THAT THE KULPAHAR KIDS HOME AND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, i.e THE KULPAHAR CHURCH OF CHRIST MISSION WILL CONTINUE UNTIL JESUS COMES!