In and Around Kulpahar

Whenever people think of India …often their first thought is the Taj Mahal …which is beautiful but a monument of love to one who has died! But Kulpahar Kids’ Home and Christian School with beautiful kids and people who are alive, and also you’ll find the beauty of Christ’s LOVE living in the kids and adults who work and live here at the mission. The area around Kulpahar is also beautiful! The climate in Kulpahar is very similar to Phoenix, AZ.

The area around the outside of the village is basically flat with some granite hills. We are saddened because rock crushers have come in the last several years and are blasting away these beautiful hills! The main work in our area is farming done by very poor farmers. Just to the west of us is the state of Rajasthan, which is mostly arid desert. So in the hot summer we got hot winds from Rajasthan called the ‘loo’. If you look at a map of India and look to the very center of the widest section of the map …there is Kulpahar (though you won’t see our name on the map). If you find Mahoba then we are located about 25 miles west and a little south. The population of Kulpahar is approximately 32-35,000 and the approximate land mass area of Kulpahar is 10- 12 kilometers. Homes vary from very nice structures (of the higher income people) to the mud /cow dung structures of the lower income, farming community. But all visitors feel “shopping in Kulpahar” is an experience and a MUST! Please come and see us!