Kids Hostel Life

KIDS HOSTEL LIFE – Compared to ‘somewhat normal years – without Covid-19’ – this year has certainly been THE YEAR THAT ‘WAS’! We are so grateful to date (January 2021) the pandemic has not entered our 3 compounds! AND early on in the pandemic time -instead of SCHOOL – our kids were very busy! Our girls (you’ll see in the pictures) planted gardens inside the hostel – caring and growing quite successfully many things! Our younger boys also planted some gardens. We have seen such beautiful spiritual growth in our girls! They started shortly after we were in lockdown and CONTINUE EVEN NOW – gathering together at 5:30 a.m. EVERY DAY singing songs, reading scripture and praying together! We’re so very blessed even in these difficult times – we have 94 very good kids…truly CHRIST’S KIDS! We’re not planning on taking any new kids at this time – until our school is fully open. BUT your continued support of our kids in PRAYER and FINANCIALLY, is necessary! We have 5 or 6 kids not supported at this time! Just $60.00 a month helps one child to get medical care; room and board; good teaching about Jesus and being His follower and a very good education! We’re also blessed with good matrons and wardens for Christ’s Kids!