We are blessed to have 32 acres divided into 3 compounds with 24 hour security. 6-8 foot tall brick walls surround the girls, hospital, and school compounds. Our school compound is the largest with the majority of staff housing that includes teachers, drivers, generator operators, business & hospital personnel. Also on this compound is the church, 2 boys hostels and 2 large fields where we grow enough vegetables 6 months of the year to feed our 90 hostel kids, if we have the rain

We are presently in our 3rd year of drought in the absence of a doctor, our hospital is running only as alab and outpatient clinic for our hostel children.Also, on this compound is the generator building, 2 large playing fields and more staff housing. besides housing the 3-story girls hostel, this compound contains a bungalow where the aunties live, a business office, tailor shop, hostel kitchen, laundry, garage, carpentry shop, small generator, large stock room for electrical supplies, soaps, and other necessities for the mission.  We have 24 hour electricians on duty. The large hostel kitchen prepares 300 meals a day.  (we recently stopped burning coal, cut down on wood and now use bottled gas).