About Us

Kulpahar Kids’ Home began back in 1947 when an infant baby girl, SOSUN was given to Leah Moshier and Dolly Chitwood, the Founders of Kulpahar Kids Home & Christian School.  After Sosun many more came over the years – the total approximate kids given to Dolly, Leah & Linda were around ‘’800’’!  December of 1988 was the ‘’end’ of taking children! One little girl{of the ‘’800’’ we took prior to 1988} as you can see from the picture was not in good health AT ALL when she came…then you can see her after she’d been here only 3 months. 

This baby turned into a fine young woman who is a teacher now!  MANY babies & infants given to the aunties were in bad shape.  Usually their parent’s or members of their family gave them to the Aunties NOT because they didn’t love them …BUT BECAUSE THEY DID LOVE THEM.  And one last old picture shows some of our young kids we took (1989 & before) – HAPPY, HEALTHY and they became SPIRITUALLY STRONG AND HEALTHY!  Several of these grown kids are now fine CHRISTIAN TEACHERS, NURSES and many involved in sharing the LOVE STORY OF JESUS!  Then in 2001 we started a ‘new phase’ of the Kids Home side. 

FOR THE PURPOSE OF GIVING BOYS AND GIRLS A GOOD CHRISTIAN EDUCATION we started taking girls into ‘boarding’!  From 2001 to date we take children (boys and girls) from very poor, impoverished Christian families – who otherwise would not receive an education!  Girl’s especially come from as far away as Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The lovely picture with some of our ‘current’ little girls and 1 of our ‘former’ –‘’little’’ girl –as you can see as grown to a beautiful and fine Christian young woman!