When we think of ‘history’ of Kulpahar Kids’ Home & Christian School there is a LOT OF IT – dating back to 1947! But without question our ‘kids’ – that Dolly, Leah & Linda raised – they think of DOLLY, (Bara Aunti – older); LEAH, (Chotti Aunti- younger) AND MR LAL, (Master Sahib, respected teacher)! From babies, to infants, to school, to training, to marriages, and sadly but part of history & life – funerals- and these three GREAT ONES ARE NOW WITH JESUS! But their memories of all the good and sometimes difficult times are there – Dolly starting the school and being Manager …bringing it to be recognized and affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education; Leah being Business Manager of the Kids Home & Hospital side and Mr Lal, Headmaster, Principal, Preacher and always helping the Aunties in many roles but his last ‘title’ Administrative Assistant’ he was still doing what he loved!