The Year That Was – 2020- The Pandemic Year’ – the entire world has learned to ‘’worship’’ in a variety of ways.  We at Kulpahar Kids Home are no exception.  When we started in lockdown – the wardens of our Boy’s Hostels (whom we might mention are also TEACHERS IN OUR HIGH SCHOOL and Ordained Preachers AND are also both ‘Kulpahar Kids’ – raised here) so our Boys’ Hostels were covered for Worship time.  We met with our Girl’s in the Girl’s Hostel Dining Room – from 1st grade to 12th!   AND we are so very happy and grateful our GIRLS have done a phenomenal job in leading the worship. 

Early on we had our dear friend Janeece speak to the girls; and different other staff, including our General Manager.  But the older girls themselves have led…music and giving special devotional messages, special music… AND Communion time.  With our matrons, us and six of our older girls – we had very few total taking communion.  When the government allowed places of ‘worship’ to open – no more than 100 could be in attendance and no serving of food or beverages but since there was only a total of 12 of us partaking, we felt we were still in compliance with the law.  But our girls have done a GREAT JOB WITH OUR WORSHIP TIME!  We celebrated all of our Christmas programs under our tent so we were all able to be together with masks on during our Christmas worship and program times.