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Kulpahar Fast Facts

Kulpahar Fast Facts –

–        Located in the north central area of India in the state of U.P. (Uttar Pradesh.  Kulpahar is also part of a larger area called Bundelkhand, named after a former King’s family – Bundeli Rajas

–        Kulpahar area (in miles) = 1.06 sq. mi

–        Population of Kulpahar = 20,096 (2011 census)

–        Language spoken & written = Hindi

–        Major Religions = Hinduism & Islam

–        Closest Airport = 3 hours away – Khajuraho

–        Closest Hospital = Government Hospital – in Kulpahar; Christian Hospital 2 hours away in Chhatarpur

–        Currency = Rupees

–        Common Animals = Cows, Oxen, Goats, Water Buffalo and Brahma Bulls (during very hot weather occasionally we’ll see herds of donkeys or camels …

         who’ve come from the state West of us …Rajasthan (mostly desert)

–        Special Bird = Peacock – especially sometimes seen and heard during the monsoon.  The Peacock is India’s National Bird