Kulpahar Kids Home-School


Kulpahar Christian School began in 1948 one (1) year AFTER Kulpahar Kids Home began!  Originally the school was primarily for the children from the Kids Home.But as we had fewer and fewer Kulpahar Kids Home children and as our school has very high standards our enrolment grew with more children coming from the nearby villages.  Our enrolment remains between 300 and 400 and we still have grades from Kindergarten to Twelfth. (and one of our alumni just painted fresh and new Disney characters on our Kindergarten walls). We are a Hindi-medium school – meaning Hindi is spoken and the language medium of teaching. English is taught in every grade – it is English Literature (British).  Our Affiliation is through the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  It is considered to be the best affiliation board in India.  High School technically is finished at the 10th grade.  BUT it is best for the student to complete 11th and 12th grades as well.  We have 3 streams in our Senior-Secondary (Inter-College) – is another name used for 11th & 12th grades here in India…the streams are ARTS, SCIENCE and BUSINESS STUDIES.



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