Kulpahar Kids Home-School


The Kulpahar Church of Christ Chapel ‘s construction began in 1918 and was completed in 1925.  The old large bell was hung and used from that first time of worship in 1925.  Repairs have been done several times but it is still ringing loud and strong today!  CALL TO WORSHIP  is very important here in India.  The Muslims are called to prayer by an Imam over a loud speaker 5 times a day; while the Hindus have chanting and different ways of calling people to worship, but they have bells in some of their temples too.  When a person goes into the temple they will ”ring” the bell to wake their god to let them know they are there to worship.  Our church bell rings one-half hour before each service or program and the second time as the service begins.  We can hear it loud and clear on all 3 compounds!  HOW BLESSED WE ARE!! – our God never sleeps nor is away from us…we only sometimes drift from His Presence!

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