Kulpahar Kids Home-School


The Kulpahar Church of Christ Chapel {building} serves as our Sunday place of worship and for school staff & our students to go for Morning Assembly. This building’s construction was completed in 1925. The majority of our congregation are the workers and residence of the Kulpahar Church of Christ Mission. Of course our even ‘larger’ majority are our 100 hostel kids. And we have 10 to 12 families from the village of Kulpahar. We also have seekers from another village…. so our total worshipers average between 300 to 400. At Christmas time and Easter time many of our grown ‘kids’ come home. Especially at Christmas time we are sitting and standing very tightly in our little chapel building. Hindi is the spoken /sung /preached Language…Often with a little Urdu thrown in here and there! Beginning this October through February we are going to have special visitors from the U.S. to see… The Taj Mahal that Christ’s LOVE Built…it is always fun to have our visitors hearing the words of GOD’S LOVE being sung and preached in Hindi!

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